couple counselling

By making a decision to consult with a professional counsellor, you are taking an important first step (and some find this the most difficult step) to improve or change something about your relationship.

Our fast pace of life can take its toll. Not having time to talk, distractions and worries over work, money, children leave little energy and opportunities to devote to our most important of relationships.

The chance to take time away from the home environment to express your feelings, listen to each other and to begin to understand how and why things have gone wrong is a significant step forward to begin to find your own solutions.

Couples may need support at any time in their relationship over the many different stages of our lives - difficulties in commitment, sexual problems, adjusting to living together, becoming parents, growing older, caring for relatives and so on.

Counselling can help couples build a better relationship for themselves and by understanding each other, unlock their own resources in dealing with problems.

There are situations where a couple may no longer wish to continue their relationship. In dealing with the effects of this decision, counselling can be helpful in providing emotional support to reduce the pain and distress caused by relationship breakdown and to work through the impact this has, not only on the couple themselves but on those around them, particularly children.

individual one-to-one counselling

Individual counselling has been found to be helpful to those who find themselves in an emotional crisis or want time to work out problems on their own, or who may want to understand themselves more deeply.

It may be that you want to explore more satisfying ways of relating to others, or of gaining more self-esteem, perspective and control over your life. Or perhaps there may be problems and issues which might be less focussed, for instance feeling depressed, anxious or lonely. You may have difficulties in expressing yourself, your feelings and needs, which lead to unsatisfying relationships either in a personal sense or at work.

Counselling is an opportunity to be listened to in a safe and understanding atmosphere which can help you work towards a more positive and satisfying lifestyle. Recognising that your needs are individual, the counselling you will receive will be tailored to you personally.

I am here to help and support you through counselling sessions as you take on this process. After an initial meeting to discuss with you your needs in counselling, if I am unable to be of help, I will try to refer you elsewhere for more suitable or appropriate assistance.