psychosexual therapy

Having a loving and fulfilled sexual life is one of the mainstays of a rewarding relationship. Sexual problems can lead to a loss of physical contact and can have a major impact on other areas of life.

For individuals, feeling positive about your own sexuality, resolving your own difficulties and learning ways how to relate to others by understanding sexual response can bring greater confidence in relationships. Sexual problems are not uncommon at some time or another in our lives and can often be difficult to talk about. Taking steps to resolve these, either as a couple or on our own, can have positive results not only in the way we feel about ourselves but also for those we love and care about.

Psychosexual Therapy offers individuals and couples specific treatment plans for a variety of sexual problems. Suitable treatments will be designed to help you which involve behavioural tasks to be undertaken in the privacy of your own home. In therapy you will also understand your own sexual needs, discover ways to enhance sexual response by learning from each other and increase your sexual experience, pleasure and fulfilment.

I will ensure a sensitive and caring approach in helping you feel comfortable in talking over your sexual concerns. At an introductory meeting I will explore these concerns with you, answer any questions you might have and outline suitable treatment choices, if appropriate.